In the past century, technological innovation, the development of new global communication systems, and an increased general well -being, have deeply changed the social perception of the individual and his context, also emphasizing needs and weaknesses never overcome. The ability to understand some biological mechanisms revealed today allows an innovative vision that is expressed with the systemic language to describe the body and its vital environment. lymphocytes can receive signals through hormones and neurotransmitters produced by the brain, and can produce similar ones that act on it, the peripheral nerve fibres that innervate the body, can release neuropeptides that activate or inhibit the immune response, leading partially, to psychopathological symptoms (anxiety, depression, emotional disorders), evidence of the continuous bidirectional interaction within the body and between the body and its "environment". In a new vision represented by systemic neurosciences, embracing different scientific areas from biophysics and bioenergetics to microbiology and genetics, the nanomedicine evolution, using organic materials already physiologically present into the human body, indicating new healing paths for various central and peripheral nervous system diseases.  Neuronal circuits functions study from single cells to entire networks that modulate complex behaviours and organic responses, are the base of development  for new "Psyche-body therapies", but also the core of technological innovation dedicated to artificial intelligence."

              Dr Vittorio Catalano

    - Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Psychology -